ImmobiDot Microdot Security Marking System

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Product Description

Forensic marking to protect your property against theft


ImmobiDot allows you to mark your possessions with a uniquely coded microdot solution and make the property and ownership details viewable on the Police National Mobile Property Register (NMPR) via Immobilise.

Each bottle of ImmobiDot solution contains approx. 1000 uniquely coded digital microdots only 1mm in diameter. This system provides irrefutable evidence of ownership. Where used, it is proven by police to be a powerful deterrent to thieves and lost or stolen possessions are more likely to be return to, the rightful owner, and thieves prosecuted.

The ImmobiDot microdot marking product and Immobilise National Property Register work as a powerful deterrent to theft and increases the chances of lost or stolen items being identified by police and returned to their owners. Theft isn’t just about being deprived of your property, we want to help you avoid the irritation, stress and inconvenience associated with it.

No two bottles of ImmobiDots are the same so you can be assured your property is uniquely linked to you. All you need to do is apply the ImmobiDots to your high-value items and display the warning labels on your windows.

Applying ImmobiDot is quick and simple. It should take less than ten minutes to protect your home and possessions. 

Detects: ImmobiDot is easy for the police to detect, as they actively look for any sign of forensic coding on items they recover and use the NMPR to search for items and their owners on Immobilise.

Any item forensically coded with ImmobiDot is connected with its owner once registered on Immobilise making it easy for the police to secure convictions.

Deters: When thieves see your home and possessions are forensically marked and registered on Immobilise, targeting your property becomes high risk for them as the changes of being caught and convicted increase dramatically!

Protects: ImmobiDot helps protect the well-being of your possessions, your home and your family by helping reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime and increasing the chances of your valued possessions being identified and returned in the event the do go missing.

ImmobiDot package contents:

  • 1 x tube of approx 1000 Microdots with applicator
  • 10 x uniquely numbered Hologrammed, tamper evident ID warning labels (Hologram labels are also available separately, see: Immobilise Tamper Evident Hologram Stickers)
  • 2 x Window stickers
  • 20 x Forensic warning labels

Please note that the bottle of ImmobiDot solution should be stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight and should be used within 3 months of purchase.

Important safety information

ImmobiDot should be kept out of reach of children and animals. ImmobiDot microdots are suspended in a water based forensic adhesive and although non-toxic, care should be taken not to drink or allow it to enter the eyes. In the event of contact with eyes they should be flushed with clean water. Some sensitive skin types may be irritated by contact with the adhesive. In the event f contact wash with soap and water.



If you're buying for a local security initiative, community group etc. there are discounts available for purchase of 10+, 50+ and 100+ units. Price in your basket will be updated as quantity is changed.