ImmobiTag RFID Bike Tag (Solid Frame)

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Product Description

Immobitag Electronic Bike tagging allows bikes with uninterrupted seat tubes to be traced back to owner using the unique id contained within the electronic tag. The ImmobiTag is embedded into the bike frame and is almost impossible to remove without damaging the bike. The unique ImmobiTag ID is then registered on Immobilise together with any frame numbers and warning tag serial numbers to be found on your bicycle.

All tags contain a unique serial number that can read via special scanners that the majority of police forces are equipped with to display the owner's information via the National Mobile Property Register, which provides the police with access to the Immobilise system. Used by all UK police forces to trace the ownership of stolen property, the Immobilise system is a great deterrent to thieves. 

This version of the ImmobiTag is designed to fit bikes with uninterrupted standard diameter seat post tubes (25.4mm to 32.0mm diameter). It may not be suitable for bikes with short seat post tubes or very long saddle poles as the tag could prevent the saddle from fully lowering if there is insufficient space within the tube for both. Care should also be taken with folding bikes to check before fitting the tag that its presence will not interfere with the folding mechanism.

Please note that ImmobiTag RF devices are designed to give your bike a unique identity that is registered to you, that helps identify and return your property should it be recovered by the police after loss or theft. ImmobiTags are not GPS tracking devices. 

Price includes fitting instructions, an anti-theft warning label and free lifetime registration on Immobilise.


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    Great Idea

    Posted by Chris Morton on 4th Apr 2019

    Its not an exact science! I removed the seat post of my new Cube e-bike having noted the height to which it had been set and there appeared to be enough length. I thought while I was at it I would lower the seat by about another centimetre, although it wasn't absolutely essential, needless to say having inserted the tag I could not lower the seat any further than the original height! I guess to overcome this one would have to reduce the length of the tube. Anyway if anyone realises that it was there they would have a job removing it!

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    Good product but slightly confusing instructions

    Posted by Matthew Hornby on 3rd Apr 2019

    Easy to fit into my bike frame, but the instructors state to record the bar code sticker number to Immobilise, when there are 2 stickers supplied, one for the frame, (obvious) and I assume a simple one that records the chip number, but it's not really made clear.

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    Easy to install

    Posted by Kay Millson on 23rd Feb 2019

    Easy to install, luckily not had the need to activate so can't
    comment on how well or accurate the tracking is.