Sheet of 10 Barcoded Security Warning Labels

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Product Description

By registering all your valued possessions on Immobilise, you're not only following crime prevention advice but also protecting what matters most. Our serial-numbered labels offer a dual purpose: deterring thieves with a clear warning and aiding in identification in case your item is lost or stolen. Whether your valuables have identifiable codes or existing serial numbers, these labels provide an additional layer of security, ensuring comprehensive protection.



  • FREE lifetime registration at - no fees, ever!
  • Deters theft by making your home and possessions high-risk for a thief.

Pack   Contents

  • 10 x Serial-Numbered Warning Labels. 

Technical   Information

  • Dimensions : 50mm x 20mm
  • Area to apply the label to should be clean, dry and free from dust or grease.
  • Labels intended for use on items protected from external elements and weathering.

About Immobilise

Immobilise is a free online registration service that lets individuals record ownership details of their valuable possessions. The entered information is securely stored in a database and made accessible to law enforcement agencies through their online systems. This collaboration assists the police in identifying the rightful owners of lost or stolen property and combating property crime.

To learn more about the Immobilise national property register click on the link below to watch our short video.



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