Immobilise UV Marking Kit - Club/Society Bundle (min order of 50 units)

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Product Description

The Immobilise UV Marking Kit educational/community offering, for property marking in homes, schools and business places.



  • FREE lifetime registration at
  • Mark items with your house number and postcode. Register on Immobilise for free, where the police can trace recovered items back to their owners.

Pack contents.

  • One ultra-violet pen for marking items where labels may be impractical.
  • One ultra-violet light to view pen markings.
  • One information leaflet.

Technical Data

  •  Indelible marking ink, invisible under normal light conditions and fluorescent under ultraviolet light


Club/Society Bundle

  • Please note this has a minimum quantity order of 50 units, starting with a 25% discount per unit already applied.
  • Further discounts are available, then please contact us