Immobilise Window Stickers (50mm) - Club/Society Bundle (500 stickers)

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Product Description

If you're following crime prevention advice, you'll be registering all the identifiable property in your home, office or car at Use these window labels to let would-be burglars know that your stuff is protected. Burglars like the easy option and hate identifiable property. Visible signage at typical entry points will make them think twice and maybe move on.


  • FREE lifetime registration at - no fees, ever!
  • A One-time purchase, a lifetime of protection.
  • Deters theft by making your home and possessions high-risk for a thief.

Pack Contents

  • 50mm diameter labels - Provided in rolls of 500.

Technical Information

  • 50mm diameter.
  • Adhesive to label face.
  • Fit labels to the inside of clear glass windows, ensuring warning is readable from outside the house or vehicle.
  • Area to apply the label to should be clean, dry and free from dust or grease.