ImmobiTag - RFID Security Chip (For all types of items)

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Product Description

ImmobiTag contains a chip with a unique code that can be read by a suitable scanner (typically used by police and responsible second-hand traders). A search for the code against police or trader systems enables the return of property to its rightful owner.


  • FREE lifetime registration at
  • Can be used for any type of item including antiques, cycles, musical instruments, boats, caravans and any other type of property able to contain the chip.
  • If you sell the tagged item, the new owner doesn't need to buy a new tag. Just tell them the tag number and to register at, then remove the tag number from your account.
  • The tiny chip can be glued (glue not supplied) anywhere you wish on the protected item and does not need to be visible.
  • The warning label provided deters theft by making it clear that a covert marking solution is in use that can identify the owner.

Pack contents

  • The Radio Frequency ID tag (no batteries required).
  • Fitting instructions.
  • A label containing the chip's ID – you must register this on and is optional whether you apply it to the item.
  • 2 x Immobilise warning labels we recommend fitting to the item or to a nearby location to act as a deterrent (Label dimensions 33x19mm).

Technical Data

  • Length: 11mm
  • Diameter: 2mm
  • Use with any strong adhesive (not supplied).
  • This product is NOT a GPS tracking device. It is a covert marking device making the item, if found, uniquely identifiable.
  • The RFID chip used is a high-quality TROVAN manufactured chip. It is not reprogrammable and adheres to the highest standards of production, ensuring lifelong performance and readability in the most demanding environments. It has been proven evidentially robust in many investigations for over 20 years.

About Immobilise

Immobilise is a free online registration service that lets individuals record ownership details of their valuable possessions. The entered information is securely stored in a database and made accessible to law enforcement agencies through their online systems. This collaboration assists the police in identifying the rightful owners of lost or stolen property and combating property crime.

To learn more about the Immobilise national property register click on the link below to watch our short video.



  • 5
    Tiny tag that does the job!

    Posted by Paul M on 11th Sep 2020

    I have had several of these devices. Easily hidden in the bike frame, embedded in a blob of adhesive (I use a two-part epoxy adhesive). Fortunately I have never had to use the tag, but it is comforting to know that it is there.

  • 4
    Immobitag micro-chip for bicycles

    Posted by Niv P on 29th Jan 2020

    Well, it is very small and fairly easy to fit (glue) inside the frame. However, its an item that you hope you never have to use. Hopefully the label supplied with the chip will deter would-be thieves.

  • 5
    Very easy

    Posted by Mike G on 24th Sep 2019

    The rfid tag is about 10mm long and 2mm wide. It was really easy to add a blob of superglue and push/throw it through one of the water bottle bolt holes into my carbon frame. I heard it land. Shook the bike a bit but heard no rattling - which is good as it could potentially drop into the bottom bracket. After an hour picked the bike up and all is good. Only a couple of issues. 1 I have no idea if it works. 2 there are 2 different I’d codes on stickers in the pack. It’s not entirely clear which one is the actual Id. Maybe I’ll drop by the local vet and see if they can pick it up on their pet scan !