ImmobiMark - Complete Home Security Marking Kits - Club/Society Bundle (100 units)

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Product Description

ImmobiMark is a property marking kit for the entire household.



  • FREE lifetime registration at
  • If you sell a labelled item, the new owner doesn't need to buy a new label. Just tell them to register at, then remove the label number from your account.
  • Clear warning labels deter theft.
  • The pack provides marking options for different items around the home.

Pack contents

  • Ten serial-numbered warning labels.
  • Four window labels warning that the dwelling or vehicle contents are marked and traceable.
  • One ultra-violet pen for marking items where labels may be impractical.
  • One ultra-violet light to view pen markings.
  • Two Immobilise key fobs to link your keys to your Immobilise account.

Technical Data

  • Labels should be applied to clean, smooth surfaces free of dust and grease.